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Thread: Full Reloading kit

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    Full Reloading kit

    For sale is my complete reloading setup with everything you will ever need.
    RCBS rock chucker II press
    rcbs 505 scales
    lyman 1200 digital powder system
    tumbler and media
    2xhand primers for large and small
    RCBS bullet puller
    rcbs 308 dies
    lee 22-250 dies
    100 308 cases
    1000 Remington primers
    1kg of vhit n140 powder
    300 hornady 125gr 308 heads
    2x lyman reloading trays
    100 round mtm ammo box
    Loads of RCBS and lyman case prep tools and calipers
    nosler book and Hodgdon book and lyman book

    Looking for 500 posted. Click image for larger version. 

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    Would you sell the 505's separately? If so how much?

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    Hi there, just starting out reloading and wondering if you would consider splitting up the package?

    if so I'd be v interested in the following:
    large hand primer
    2xlyman reloading trays
    mtm ammo box
    lyman book
    case prep tools

    all the best,

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    If you would split I am sure it would all go a whole lot quicker.
    I would be interested in the
    *lyman powder system
    *tumber and media
    *mtm ammo boxes

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    How much for the lyman 1200 digital powder system?

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    If you haven't split yet ? Pm me your best all in posted price ?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    How are you going to post primers, powder and bullet heads legally?

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    Sold to s8mdevo pending the usual

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    How are you going to post primers, powder and bullet heads legally?
    Powder and primers will go via TNT and heads are not expanding.

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