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Thread: Sauer sling swivels

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    Sauer sling swivels

    Hi all, anybody know where I can purchase some quick release sling swivels for sauer 202 outback.

    thanks in advance

    regards Tristram

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    Forget the sauer system and have proffesional countersunk swivels on the forend.

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    I have a Blaser which MIGHT have the same problem - i.e. most of the US made stuff doesn't fit.

    If that is your problem then Recknagel make a really nice solution and Alan Rhone are the importer. I use model number 22009-3000 on my Blaser as it is quick release etc. and is a great job. Not inexpensive, but good quality. You can take a look at the catalogue here:
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    The sights and swivel sockets on the Sauer are made by Recknagel.

    There are similar ball detent swivels made in the USA, but most are for a NATO spec, for military rifles.

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    Thanks for the replys guys, going to look into all suggestions.

    kind regards

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    As your down south try giving F.A.Anderson a ring in East Grinstead. Although have not visited them for years now they used to sell a lot of Saur rifles as I recall.

    01342 325604

    Wow just checked I gott eh number right and I did. Must be deep programmed in the ole memory ...LOL

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    Thanks Brit hunter I will give them a ring tomorrow

    regards Tristram

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