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    Pen net

    Just building a new pen and not done one for some yrs decided to use the plastic maxi neting for the top 6' with traditional chicken mesh for the bottom 2' with a turn out to stop diggers well what a difference so easy compared to mesh all the way up .and a £1 /m wish I had used it yrs ago .
    a shout out for graham at Collins nets bridport top company to deal with .

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    Any chance of some photo's?
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    Does anyone have any long term experience with this type of net, how do they last, do they hold much snow, excessively catch the wind etc How do you attach the plastic to the standard galvanised is it just using the usual hog rings?. Be very interesting to compare them to standard mesh for longevity


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    I used hogs rings on previous pens what a drag I use the type that fit in a cartridge type plier and the ring looks like a pheasant bit again supplied by Collins nets ...very quick ! the estate I stalk have used the net for years and it lasts well is very light so doesn't sag as much and 2" squares doesn't hold snow !
    Ill post a pic or two tomorrow
    also worth mentioning is is doesn't stand out when set outside the wood like wire in fact from a distance you can see the posts and bottom wire that's it .

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    I did the same as Norma about 10 years ago and the plastic netting is still going strong where as the chicken wire will last maybe 1 more season, i do wonder if with sufficient electric fencing the whole pen could go plastic ? We also have a 200 bird pen for this one we used Harris builders fencing and sunken wire and it has been the easiest pen to put up and maintain.

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    Although it's nice and light to work with IMHO it doesn't last anything like wire.
    It soon pulls through on posts where it's been stapled, and seems to rip very easily.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just a couple of pics of netting.

    Cheers, Norma

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    Fancy stay's

    CL-22 are the most common clip type, think u getabout 50 in the haddle of the clipper and off u go, not long clipping up a big area.

    Quite a few shoots use the plastic net, seen 1 that goes right to ground with it, only eleccy wire was half way up posts, take it have more problems with martins than foxes
    Must admit don't think i'd ever trust it as a bottom net thou.

    If u find its ripping at steeples u could try either using some 2x1 whole length and nailed on post or cut like a big 'washer' and nailed onto post to spread the wieght/stress

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    Looking good Norma!

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