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    Had a walk about today and moved a few high seats about found a crayfish head and claw by a log that is used for crossing a stream is this likely to be a mink ?
    if so what's the best way to get rid of them ?

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    hes about 4 foot long that one

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    Traps if you can check regularly, if not just shoot on sight.


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    Baited traps are best. Don't rely on seeing them because they will be aware of you long before you see them. You may catch one roaming around at night along the river bank. Shoot on sight and do not go near it until its dead they are very aggressive.

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    Mink also eat crayfish set up a stealth cam ,I've just had the local mink pack here .

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    Roughly where are you, I have had Otters on my boundary this winter but they have now moved on?Wf1

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    Sounds like an otter, make sure if you put mink traps down they are fitted with Otter guards, cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bramble View Post
    Sounds like an otter, make sure if you put mink traps down they are fitted with Otter guards, cheers
    Good advice.
    For about fifteen years I ran a small trout fishery which was a private syndicate on old brick pits that are connected to the river Nene by a brook.
    We were plagued by mink. I set up a trap line of Mk6 Fenn traps in tunnels that I placed along the water's edge in areas that the mink frequented the most.

    When they are dispersing their young you can catch the whole family if you are fortunate enough to kill the adult female and squirt her urine on the traps.
    I caught a very large adult male and six young ones in two or three days using this method.

    Then for three consecutive years no mink were caught and I became convinced that we had Otters but I had no hard evidence. Conservation staff on the SSSI were doubtful but then an Otter was killed on the road about half a mile away.

    I believe, but only upon circumstantial evidence, that when Otters move in the Mink may be displaced.

    Also have a look for Mink Rafts on the internet. This is a time saving live-catch method.

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