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Thread: Lyman 1200 DSP 3 SOLD Now with Pics

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    Lyman 1200 DSP 3 SOLD Now with Pics

    Lyman DSP 3 mint condidtion, 6 months old an only churned out 160 rounds.

    Ive been selling all my surplus reloading gear of late (search my threads)in an effort to really only keep what i actually use. I bought this July last year from Optics Warehouse (still have the reciept) but just dont use it as my Harrell is set up and always ready to go. I thought i needed it and really liked the idea but the thrower ive had for ever suited my reloading style better so its for sale. Dont let that mislead you, it does it all and has .10gn resolution. I have checked this against a Ohaus 10-10 and Acculab VIC and its spot on.
    I dont have the boxes but i do have all the extras and maunuals etc, its in mint condidtion and i am happy to provide pics of it in action and also if anybody wants to demo it first thats fine. I will absolutely package it well for postage.

    200.00 ono + postage

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    Whats your location?

    Any picy's?

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    I'm near Warrington, I will post some pics tomorrow when I'm back home.
    Best regards

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    Some great reviews on this on Midway. Wish I could afford it. Bleeding recession

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    i have the DPS 2 have had it for years its brilliant as i load 200 at a time one puts the powder in then the other puts the heads in and finishes the job . I think i paid about 200 when i bough mine about 5 years ago best investment yet untill it goes titts up then the biggest piece of **** i suppose but untill then it gets my vote

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    DPS 3

    Hi, is the DPS still for sale? thanks Karl

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    hi just to note it arrived saturday thank you
    (sorry karl)

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    I've never seen a reloading bench so tidy & the shine on those cases

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    Its not a true reflection as the rest of the room is fairly busy and i did move a lot of rotations out of the way for the pic.

    I'm really keen on brass prep especiallly for the 6.5-284 as ive found that it cycles better (recessed rim) when its really clean. I ultrasonic the cases in a typical water, acetic acid and soap solution and then steel wool the outsides afterewards.
    The best accuracy gains ive had have all been through consistant brass prep.

    Best regards

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