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Thread: Roe Rut

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    Roe Rut

    Roe Rut here in ayrshire usually around late june into August. friday night i saw a Buck chasing a Doe. Ive lived in this area for 40 yrs and never witnessed it as early. Hes in the freezer.

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    Was he spraying after her ! It usually is start of july the first part of the rut when its warmer. Its possible its been a mature buck chasing a young doe off his territory .......scott

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    I saw similar myself this morning. My understanding is that recently calved does give off pheromones that excite the buck. It's nothing to do with the rut.


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    I saw a Buck chasing a Doe early hours this morning was gonna take the shot on the buck had him in the sights when out the corner of my eye i noticed a charlie creeping on a rabbit he took priority I am afraid buck will have to wait another day.

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    Seen a four point buck, chasing a young doe around last week, he was determined to make her leave with him, after 20 mins of watching him he left with me.

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    Shot a young four point buck last night closely following a doe. He didn't let her get more than 10-15metres away without closing the gap.

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    Watched a buck chase a doe and follower but lucky for him never came out the other side of the wood with them or he would have been in the freezer too.

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    He was not chasing her he was evicting her lmfao

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    It's not rutting


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