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Thread: Gerber Suspension - Clas Ohlson

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    Gerber Suspension - Clas Ohlson

    Walking round Manchester City Centre today I stumbled across the Clas Ohlson shop selling the Gerber Suspension multi tool with a free Silva head torch (and duracell batteries!) for a tenner.

    Needless to say, I bought one! Looks a handy bit of kit to have to hand.


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    Thanks for the info Novice !

    I have a friend who is a solicitor in central Manchester and today she stopped soliciting at lunchtime and went to the shop for me.

    The multi tool should have been 35

    She said the there is a sign in the shop which claims that if you can buy something cheaper elsewhere they will give you a jar of Pickled Herring.

    Nice twist !


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    In their catalog the combination is at 34 pounds mora carbon steel 4" blades under 3.00 Might just give them a call, Jim

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    Great tip thanks just got mine from a friend in Manchester


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