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Thread: best moderators for 17hmr

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    best moderators for 17hmr

    what do youz guys use on your 17hmr? its going to be a cz 455 16inch heavy barrel

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    DM80 17cal
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    I use a Sak and for the price it certainly does the job.
    Others may well be better - to other ears - and cost more..............
    Depending on rounds down range, yes it will need replacing but then it hasnt cost me a lump up front.
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    Hi, Ihad a sak which was ok for 900 rounds then had to change it due to errosion Jaksons did a part ex for a cmm this is smaller in diameter and to my ears quieter.Dave

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    I've used a Scirroco which is good if a little long. Only thing to be aware of is they do two that look the same but one is for barrels over 20inches and one for under.

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    I had a wildcat whisper, which worked well

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferreting lad View Post
    what do youz guys use on your 17hmr? its going to be a cz 455 16inch heavy barrel

    DM80 does the job on my CZ .17HMR Varmint.
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    Have you seen Richard Utting's excellent videos on the subject? Highly recommended.

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    Im using a 3rd eye tactical its a nice bit of kit well engineered and made in the UK, it dont stop the supersonic thing but it works well im pleased with it.

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    Wildcat whisper for me, Had others but this is spot on.

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