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    Boat Tails

    Stupid question, but I am sure someone knows; what are the benefits of a boat tailed round?

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    As far as i am aware they keep the bullet more stable as the bullet becomes subsonic.They also increase the ballistic coefficent which means they cut through the air easier.
    I think i am right in what i am saying.I'm sure someone will soon correct me if i'm not
    cheers sean

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    More aerodynamic at longer ranges. At shorter stalking ranges boat tailed bullets provide little benefit.

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    they are also easier to reload

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    Quote Originally Posted by griffshrek
    they are also easier to reload
    thats what i thought

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    arnt they supposed to cut down on wind drift as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by jordang
    Quote Originally Posted by griffshrek
    they are also easier to reload
    thats what i thought
    But a very silly reason to use them. The (US) NRA did a study that showed little ballistic benefit from a 308 until you reached 500-600M.~Muir

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    i actually use them because they shoot better through both my rifles.

    As said no other practical benefits at normal stalking ranges

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    A friend of mine has found exactly the opposite. He was having some difficulty getting an accurate load for his .243w (he is a little picky) but got much better results when he changed to flat based bullets. He did make a similar comment to griffshrek, that boat tailed bullets fed easier into the cases.

    Personally I don't really have any need for boat tailed bullets unless on the range and shooting beyond 300yds. I prefer flat based bullets for stalking and even like round nosed bullets, but I do tend to try and keep my ranges as short as possible.

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