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Thread: Swarovski spotting scope

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    Swarovski spotting scope

    CTC if anyone has one they are not using

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    Quote Originally Posted by cervusguide View Post
    CTC if anyone has one they are not using
    Try R McLeod in Tain, Scotland. He sells ex-demo swarovski spotting scopes and normally has some good deals.

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    I dont think you will have problems finding one, they are on sale here from time to time, tain had one very recently as well. I would not be without mine. I dont use it often, but when i do i always think it is exceptional. It is great for the stags and for zeroing. I recently got a window mount kit for it and it is so stable.

    I plan to try using it at last light sometime, i think it will be excellent.

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    I have one, which I cannot afford to replace, but to be honest if I was looking again I would go for the Zeiss spotting scope (up to 45x mag), which is far clearer IMHO and focuses sharper.

    Others may disagree but that is my opinion, all my rifle scopes are Swaro or S&B and I can't see past them tho!!

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    Wouldnt touch Zeiss with a barge pole but thats just personal opinion, anything goes wrong with swarovski you know your bank account is safe.

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