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Thread: What to stalk in August

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    What to stalk in August

    Hi All

    My family and I will be visiting the UK for 3 weeks at the begining of August to see family and friends and for me a bit of work mixed in.

    I have my permissions still so will hopefully get a couple of outings out on the Roe bucks but have also been given the green light to go off for a few days on a hunting trip.

    With this in mind l have the following left on the UK six; Red, Sika and CWD.

    Its the wrong time of year for CWD but could I realistically achieve a Red or Sika stag? Or will early August be to soon in the season?

    Thoughts please plus any recommendations you might have.



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    Hi Jason

    Red and Sika stags will be in season but they will still be in velvet so if you want a trophy, its not the best time of year. You should be OK for some cull stags if you are not bothered about antlers.


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    Best of luck JasonH...good hunting

    I can never see the initials CWD without thinking of Chronic Wasting Disease, rather than Chinese Water Deer...

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