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    what first

    Hi ALL

    Been asked to take some deer off the farm i do pest control for..
    See them at last light and first light heading back to next doors wood!!
    They wander the farm mainly at night knocking the feeders over.
    Had 2 in the scope at dusk tonight but no backstop !!

    My question is what would you shoot first bucks or does for the next 2 months

    ATB Steve

    ps they are fallow

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    Hi Steve

    Hope your well mate and we bump into each other again this year..

    Is it Roe or Fallow..?

    Are you managing it or erasing a problem?

    The Fallow will be carrying some good size embryos..

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    p.s thanks for adding that after my post

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    What ever is in season would be a good start ,unless you have a, out of season ticket from the appropriate authorities , it may just keep you out of court saving you a small fortune in costs .

    A properly places high seat could help by the sound of things , if thats not possible a bucket on the tractor or forks and a pallet to give you height, for an appropriate safe shot .

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    Take the does first if you have a choice - they are the ones that produce yet more deer, and tend to be a bit cannier (and when the doe season closes you've got an extra month to do something about the bucks assuming you are in England or Wales)

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    Shoot what ever you come across taking does first if you have an option.

    Most likely it will be the buck causing the trouble with the feeders.

    What are the farmers management objectives?

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    the big ones!

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    If they are already a problem then take anything that is a safe shot and like WS says is in season. Don't be fussy just get them on the ground and let the landowner see them.
    Get a letter from your landowner that says he wants them shot out of season if you need to go down that road.

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    i agree with Deerstalker 2010
    shoot what is in season at the mo as you are trying to reduce the damage to please the farmer, so carcass's on the deck will help that
    the season is short so no point making a management plan now unless it involves big heads
    once the Doe's go out then just look at the prickets and **** heads if they are about
    then start to look at what your options are for the coming year as Fallow are a hard species to manage
    but once your feet are under the table you can make better decisions for the future

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