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Thread: Harkila Prohunter Jacket

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    Harkila Prohunter Jacket

    Just to let folks know I have a Harkila Prohunter jacket for sale on Ebay.

    It's size 54 (that's about XL/44). It's brand new.

    There are also a pair of kids Seeland Keeper trousers, size 10yrs - but are too small for my tall/slim10 yr old, would suit an 8 yr old better.

    Just ask if you have any questions.

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    Sorry to be a pain, but I can't look at ebay from work and home pc is in dry dock.

    Is it ebay only or will you take a bid on here?

    How does Harkila sizing work, my problem is I end up buying tentlike jackets to accomodate my gibbon-like arms.

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    i've a 48" chest and arms almost a metre long!



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    Long time since I worked in Broadford, I was part of 66Plant sqn who built the airfield. I here it is now fallen into disuse,
    When you advertised your jacket you missed out the important bit, the free days hind stalking
    Trouble is I am xxl at the least,
    All the best,

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    BwchDanas -

    If you want to make me an offer I'd gladly take it off Ebay.

    Hakila sizing: how long is a piece of string? I'm a pretty average 5'10" With a 43/44" CHEST. This jacket fits me beautifully - I can get a thick pully and shirt under it and still move easily. I don't have the gibbon problem

    Jimbo...yep, airfield doesn't see much traffic these days, all they seem to use it for is as a staging post for wind turbines and a music festival!

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    Jacket still for sale if anyone wants to make me an offer.

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    Flippin eck Frax 300 quid starting bid not surprised its still for sale
    is it gold plated with built in central heating , John Norris was selling Sealand jackets for half price and still couldn't afford them so it is outside my league.

    How much are these coats normally if its a bargain now I shudder to think I am sure it is a very fine coat mate and wish you good luck

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    Yeah, they are pretty pricey - full retail is 389. I'm putting it back on Ebay tonight at 280 start. Mind you, there's not many jackets come with a 5 year gurantee! It's good kit without a doubt.

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    Frax, I reckon you'll be lucky to sell it at that start price too. They don't cost that much anymore. About 330 new now:
    The 5 year gaurantee is only valid to the original purchaser with the original receipt too.
    A lower and more realistic start price might help you sell it.
    Good Luck

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