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Thread: 1st night out with the starlight arrow

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    1st night out with the starlight arrow

    well my starlight arrow arrived last week and i finally got to take it out last night,
    before i write my findings you have to know a little about me,
    i am a typical bloke who when putting up a flat pack never reads the instruction's lol, in fact on most things night vision included,
    so when starlight phoned to say it was on it's way and if i wanted to phone them so they could run me through how to set it up i could,
    not this bloke i don't need instructions,
    well i took it out of box and first impression's were it's a nice neat well made piece of kit,
    1st job was to move scope forward so when i mount it so i can shoot pretty much as i would normally with out having to hold it too far from my shoulder,
    the bushes you get with the arrow didn't seem too strong but after mounting it they seemed to do the job fine,
    i was told by the chap at starlight that if you put some tape round the end of the scope it will stop bush from slipping when mounted,
    mmmm not sure about sticky tape on my scope so i wrapped some of the camo tape you get the stuff that has no adhesive and only stick's to it's self which turned out to do a fantastic job and i did not have to do the securing nuts up too tight another thing i was not too keen on,
    the securing nut's were Allen key which meant if you wanted to adjust it in the field you would have to carry a small Allen key with you so they got changed for wing head nuts for ease of use,
    an idea i got from another forum member who also kindly sent me some,
    also if you wish to change the batteries in the field the Allen key nut for that was even more fiddly,
    it was Thursday in my back garden i first tried it out and the firefly illuminator i got with it stopped working after 30 seconds great start,
    so 1st thing friday morning i was on the phone to starlight who said a new one will be in the post,
    so i ordered a T20 torch of another forum member to use as a back up which arrived Saturday morning.
    so arrived d day last night, myself and mungolee were all set to try out the new toy,
    before leaving the house about 7pm i made sure i had everything nv unit spare torch's and mounts in case anything went wrong with nv unit,
    we 1st arrive at a farm where the 1st job was to zero my lr in daylight as i had not done it since moving the scope,
    3 shots and it was bang on the money,
    so we moved to another farm where we would be shooting that night,
    eager to get at some we had a walk around while it was light to bag a few bunnies all the time i could not wait for it to get dark to try out the new toy,
    so as darkness fell we made a hasty retreat back to the car to fit on the nv unit and have a quick cuppa,
    by now it was 10pm and the sun had set and i was restless waiting for my 1st nv rabbit, so we set of all the time i kept trying to look through my nv to see how it was not realising you 1st need to tune it all in haha just as the chap from starlight had said,
    by about 11.30 it was dark and i was getting quite annoyed as it was not a very clear picture as it was promised and i started to wonder if the 5 month wait for it to arrive was worth it,
    then i had a brain wave tee he try to adjust the parralex as it said you need a pa scope so i did and hay presto i could see things i could even see a rabbit at about 75-80 yards away which so ran off when i let out a "wahoo i can see a rabbit" to lee,
    so moving on a bit i started to scan the fields to see what else was about all the time saying to lee it's good but i don't think it's as good as they claim,
    then came another brain wave the T20 has a adjustable focus too so on turning the end of the torch all of a sudden i could see even further lol it was only half way focussed doh,
    so now i have a bit of kit i could see out too well over 150 yards with to which i was much more happy with,
    by this time lee was stood next to me with the head torch on looking on as if to say "your a muppet" lol he then noticed the the eye piece has a thread and said to me why don't you try adjusting the eye piece too as it's threaded and may help a bit so i did and what do you know it did haha all of a sudden everything was not only visible but very clear too,
    so with my now properly working and set up arrow we headed of to a paddock which i know would have rabbits in and on arriving i could see 3 through my arrow about 60 yards away so i knelt down and rested the gun on a post a little play with the brightness button and click ****** i forgot to chamber a round,
    so quickly pulled the bolt back to chamber a round but couldn't on looking i noticed that pulling the scope all the way back as far as i could the bolt was hitting the arrow and not travelling the full length to chamber a round,
    double doh doh,
    back to car to move scope forward half an inch,
    so moved scope rezeroed scope under lamp fitted everything back on this time maybe this time i will get my 1st nv rabbit,
    so back to paddock by now it was 1.30 am and i was getting tired turned on nv unit and t20 chambered a rouned and got comfortable yippe there was a rabbit at about 55-60 yards put the cross hair on it and pop one dead rabbit and one big smile on my face as as i scanned round there was more out that didn't even know i was there,
    finally i am a nv shooter, then the next thing after all this faffing about the battery in the t20 was running low and was starting to flick between high mode and low which meant every time i got on a rabbit i would be just about to shoot and it would suddenly drop to low mode and i could hardly see a thing lol or treble doh,
    so to sum it up i if you do decide to get a arrow then listern to the guys at starlight take your time to set it up correctly take some spare batteries and you will have a great little add on for your scope capable of clearly seeing and shooting rabbits well beyond the distance of my lr shooting ranges and easily to the edge of my hmr shooting ranges for not too much money,
    can't wait for the firefly to come as it could well push them distances even further
    thanks for reading what a plonker i am hope you enjoyed
    thanks colin

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    Good to know the 7P truism still applies!

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    A how not to do it thread?
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    nice one colin mate,a little excitable aren't you,lol............DAZ

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    Hi Colin which model did you get the 200m or the higher spec one that will go out to 3/400m you got there in the end well-Don good read

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    well done even after the kid at christmas moments,

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    Not reading the instructions is always good for a free ride on the emotional roller-coaster.

    Thanks for sharing... and I'm glad you got at least one bunny to show for it all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hairlesshunter View Post
    Hi Colin which model did you get the 200m or the higher spec one that will go out to 3/400m you got there in the end well-Don good read
    i got the entry level model with the firefly,
    went out again tonight with arrow and the 501b, t20, and fire fly and can say the 501b is only really good for 40/50 yards the t20 great for anything up to 150 and the firefly a bit more again,
    but personally i would go for the t20 with 3 modes and adjustable focas as then its good from 10 - 150 where i found the firefly laser a bit too much on the closer targets
    just my opinion though


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    Cheers Colin not bad for say the arrow is £350 and t20 is about £40 keep up the good work

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    just out of interest what scope are you using im thinking of possibly taking the plunge and getting a arrow but would need to change my schmidt 8x56 for somthing with paralax adjustment

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