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Thread: New members alert!

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    New members alert!

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I have noticed that recently we have a lot of new names on the forum, so to these new members may I say; 'Welcome to the Stalking Directory'. It is the aim of the sites creator Rob Mac and its members to exchange knowledge and develop new friendships and stalking opportunities. We are a friendly bunch and would like you all to join in and help this site expand. Please feel free to ask any questions, no question is stupid!

    May I ask you please to introduce yourselves, no pressure just a friendly hand of friendship and generally me being nosey!

    Thank you Steve.F (Beowulf, Mr B, etc)

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    Beowulf, I can remember you getting right stroppy when someone recently asked a common /dopey question.
    I do hope you are not baiting new members

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    only when he's had a drink poddle
    but yes welcome to all new members and hope they enjoy this ste as much as i hav

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    Please do not expect this site to help with your spelling.
    Dispite being a very nice bunch of fellows, most of us can't spell for tish

    Eh Stone?

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    i amm trying out a new version of abbbbrevvaitionns or is thhat innebriattions

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    Hi poddle,
    I didn't mean to sound so sharp to that new member and i apologised straight after.

    I have put this thread up because so many other welcomes have been sabotaged by trolls. The problem is that unless new members have a look through the post, people soon get tired of answering the same subject.
    No offence Poddle by the way, I'm just trying to explain myself.

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    I welcome this welcome.

    I have been welcomed before, but I thought I'd just say something so that you know I'm still here despite saying little.

    Best regards


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    Beowulf your absolutely Right, how rude of me,
    although i joined a few weeks ago i didnt bother to introduce myself, so here goes.
    My Name is Stuart, i'm in my early thirties, I come from a shooting family and have been shooting in one form or another since i was a tot.
    a traditional shooting background, caty-Airgun-shotgun-.22-centrefire.
    I'm a recreational stalker having had a go about 5 years ago and got hooked, i like to try and stalk once a month if possible and i try and Lamp twice a week and perhaps get a walk around with the shotgun if work permits.i have tried Target fullbore shooting but it wasn't for me.
    The last few years i've averaged around 80 foxes and about 300 rabbits but only a handfull of Deer.
    My stalking experience is limited to Roe but i hope to broaden my horizens in the near future, Perhaps Fallow but i'm off to Sweden in March so maybe Boar or moose?
    Member of BASC and BDS, Haven't done dsc1 yet but might do it in June if i can get the time off work.
    Oh yeh and i'm in the dog house (which i share with a 7month old Lab called Max) because i forgot Valantines day and scratched the dining room table with my powder measure stand. ooops.
    This is starting to sound like a internet dating intro.(probably)
    Hope this covers it.


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    Hi Mate,
    Are you still shooting at The Bog Dalua?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalua
    I welcome this welcome.

    I have been welcomed before, but I thought I'd just say something so that you know I'm still here despite saying little.

    Best regards

    just say welcome and its nice to see that you are looking and learning i hope , but hope to hear some of your experiences in the future ,may be with a few pics aswell
    many regards stone

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