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Thread: Hello from East Lothian

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    Hello from East Lothian

    Hello from East Lothian,

    I've been shooting now for almost 40 years with the only times away from it whilst being distracted by wine & women in my twenty's & then a seven year spell in New Zealand. Still can't believe how stupid I was not to get involved when I was in NZ!

    I followed the usual route with air rifle at 14 to shotgun to DSC 1 & rifle and did a fair bit of stalking by myself, interrupted only when we were surprised by twins, who are now old enough to allow me to think about doing this again, so here I am.

    My passion is wild birds & deer in wild places. My shotgun shooting tends to involve all day walks with my pointers (GSP's) & if I've been through some good countryside, seen the dogs enjoy themselves & work (fairly) well & had a couple of shots then I'm happy. Most of the shoots I've been involved with have been wild bird shoots & I'm afraid I still feel guilty if I shoot a hen bird, even when somewhere as a guest.

    I'm starting to do a bit of rifle practice & stalking again & really enjoy getting out & am trying to train the quieter of the pointers to work for deer. I'd have to say that I find I get more pleasure from watching deer & stalking them & if I can find a reason not to shoot then I'll often not bother. I've twice now managed to stalk in when unarmed & tap a deer on the rump with my stick, which certainly surprises them!

    Anyway, I've been dipping into the forum for the last couple of years when I've set the computer a heavy processing task so I thought I'd better say hello,



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    Welcome to the SD

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    hi there and welcome...pete m,

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