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Thread: Red hinds calfing (farmed)

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    Red hinds calfing (farmed)

    Anyone had any calves yet? Mine are all big but nothing yet first calving season for me so it's abit anxious waiting as bought a few in so hope there actually pregnant

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    Yup Ive got 4 calves so far 2 singles and a set of twins.

    Be patient !



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    Twins! that's good where are you? How big do the udders go to when ready to calf I show you some pics see what you think
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    Think these will be in calf I know it's hard to tell bought some so not 100% if they was covered they should be though prob me just getting inpatient this was 2 week ago when took this there all acting diffrent and kicking out being agitated allot more and forever licking under there bellies flys are not helping though someone told me they get a wax on there teets that flys go for ,can see there udders more than you can normaly see but there not huge (how big do they swell too)have some yearlings that have been seen too but won't expect anything from them yet still learning and be fine next year when I know

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    Seriously... BE PATIENT !

    Red deer do not bag up like a cow ! The udders are smallish. For a period prior to giving birth the hind will separate herself from the rest of the herd. One of mine gets quite aggressive if approached by another deer or human.

    Let us know how you get on.



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    Cheers for the advice will let you know

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    Mine are flat out now, its impossible to say for sure how many have calved but I have noted down the calving dates for about 25 hinds in my AI group. Two other groups have at least 20 so about 45 ish so far.

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    Started calfing at weekend so finally getting some now worth the wait

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