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Thread: bullet tumble

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    bullet tumble

    Just been chatting with a mate and he thinks that when an ultra sonic .22 rimfire bullet loses speed and drops below the speed of sound it will start to tumble , he was told this by a freind who is an 'expert'
    Anyone had any experience of this

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    Ex being a has been, spurt is a drip under pressure

    The bullet will suffer some buffeting and may yaw a little as it drops back through the sound barrier but it regains most if not all is stabilty after this as far as I am aware however I am no expert in external ballistics .

    The Vhit reloading manual 1st edition has some good information of the behavior of bullets and the forces that effect them in flight it's well worth getting hold of a copy just to read this stuff if it interests you. The local library might be able to help if you don't want to buy one.

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    Ultrasonic? Bullets only dogs can hear? Cool!

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    from what i understand bullets can destabalise during the transition from super to subsonic thats why accuracy nuts load for the bullets to remain supersonic at the ranges they shoot. Not sure how much real world accuracy would suffer though.... I may of course be completely wrong.

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    Tumbling projectile, perfect for "Blootering"

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    I'm with Brit:You friends expert, isn't. Back in the 1930's there was a competition that was based on 1/5 sized 1000 yard targets shot at 200 yards. The rifle of choice was the 1922 Springfield (a .22LR version of the 1903, 30-06). The bullets were far under sonic speeds yet grouped well with the bullets striking head on.~Muir

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