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Thread: Farther and son weekend at Malc's

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    Farther and son weekend at Malc's

    Headed down to malc's last weekend with my son Dean, his birthday is coming up so I thought I would not give him money this year, but book him some stalking instead! Malc did explain that the buck's were sitting tight and not moving much. Every field we went into, does where seen, but no bucks, then we got on to a few, we stalked on to a buck at the corner of a pheasant pen, Malc went ahead with dean and just as they got within range, the buck was off!! (winded) Sunday morning came and we were off in pursuit. After spotting more does a buck was spotted at the bottom of a field and the stalk was on, we managed to close the gap and he went into the wood, we jumped a ditch and the buck moved again, we managed to get into a good position and the stick at the ready ,the buck moved again into the wood and stood at the base of a tree, Malc give dean the nod and dean fired and shot the buck in the neck, well it was a great moment, it all come together in the end, and dean was over the moon with his first Roe buck, on the way home he was asking me how much all this stalking gear costs! sounds like he's well and truly hooked. massive thanks to Malc for a great week end and one that will be not forgotten.
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    Congrats to the lad! Well done to the dad, offering time together outdoors rather than another electronic trinket.

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    Thanks again Chris and Dean. As always a pleasure stalking with you Chris, and hopefully Dean is now well and truly hooked on stalking. I will keep you posted Chris on what we spoke about and call you, hopefully a little later in the season.

    Let me know if you want to take some Fallow, CWD or Munties later in the year.

    And finally congratulations to Dean again.


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    Hopefully he got hooked for the outdoors already....

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Congratulations sounds like a graet trip , and well done to malc too I've Gerard he'll bust a gut trying to get you into deer
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    As a new father and parent thus sounds a great experience for both.

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    Well done! I think your bank balance may now cry!

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