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Thread: I Passed my DSC1 on Sunday with the BDS

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    I Passed my DSC1 on Sunday with the BDS


    I Have just passed my DSC1 course which was held in Horncastle. The course was very well run even as the course joining instructions were a bit vague which worried me. i feel that i have had a wonderful experience on this course and i have met some really interesting people from different backgrounds who were all willing to share there experience in stalking with me as i am absolute beginner in stalking.

    I strongly recommend this course to anyone wishing to become a trained hunter and i would really like to thank the BDS for putting on this course and helping increase my knowledge 10 fold.


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    well done .
    some of us just have done the same this weekend, doesn't it feels good to know the hours spent were worth it in the end .

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    Congrats to yourself and all the others. 5 others and myself also passed this last weekend. Did ours with Jon Snowden in Northumberland. Top guy and brilliant setting.

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    Well done all of you.
    Got my level 1 coming up early next month.

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    Congrats to all you guys who passed their Level 1,

    It's a great feeling.

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    Yes really worth it, i was so happy passing

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