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Thread: Theoben Taunus .22

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    Theoben Taunus .22

    For sale, my trusty Theoben Sirocco H.E. .22 (12 ft lb) Gas Ram Air Rifle twinned with Hawke Airmax 4-12x44, which has accounted for many a bunny over the years. The Theoben H.E. Gas Ram is a sealed system using the same air pressure over and over again, delivering consistent and reliable performance over thousands of rounds without maintenance. Long out of production and still favoured by many owing to it's accuracy and reliability and gaining in collectors appeal and value. Some external reviews can be found here. Reluctantly letting go as not used in anger since moving onto FAC and needing fund a replacement for my 25-year old mountain bike. £350 (no offers) please.

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    Nice rifle tim, but it's sirocco classic h.e. not a taunus. I have one just like it. Taunus is like a fenman with a longer barrel.

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    Thanks SB, glad to be corrected, even if it does make me feel a right ass

    Can admin amend the topic title or do I just create a new thread?

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    Theoben didn't make it easy did they.

    This one is advertised privately as an Eliminator.

    This one advertised trade as a Sirocco is clearly a different model.

    This one advertised privately as a Sirocco is also clearly a different model.

    What reference source(s) are available that prove definitively which model is which?

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    shame its not the fenman, been looking for a while now,
    good luck with the sale

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    Thanks Simon and teyhan although I'm afraid the bike has already been ordered. Now just got to pay for it

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    Now sold, thanks for the interest folks.

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