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Thread: Schmidt & Bender 8x56mm Hungarian 30mm SOLD

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    Schmidt & Bender 8x56mm Hungarian 30mm SOLD


    Schmidt & Bender 8x56mm Hungarian, 30mm tube, A7 reticle.

    Mint condition, no mount marks on tube and the glass is perfect. About 2.5 years old, so still got about 7.5 years manufacturers warranty.

    400 posted to your door but be quick as I'm listing it on eBay at the weekend if no interest.

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    Thought these had 30-year warranty?

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    10yrs free of charge, 30yrs guarantee that they will be able to service it, have parts in stock etc.

    Pretty good backup

    Service for your riflescope is guaranteed to be available for up to 30 years after its original delivery. During the first 10 years, that service is free of charge if the problem is due to material or manufacturing defects.

    All repair orders are confirmed to the client immediately after the scope arrives. When repairs are completed, your scope is returned along with a diagnostic report detailing the work that was performed. With very old riflescopes, our service staff will provide you with a cost estimate.

    All scope repairs are handled in Germany, under the factory's control. Many times a loaner scope can be provided to you to keep you in the field until your scope is returned.

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    schmid &bender scope

    PM sent
    many Thanks

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