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Thread: Country Pursuits Cricklade are they still trading

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    Country Pursuits Cricklade are they still trading

    I have tried to telephone a couple of times, but no not recognised, heard a rumour that Wilf was selling up. Can anybody shed light on the situation it was/is a great shop and always had a good deal on reloading items.


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    They were selling up a few months ago so they have probably closed by now.
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    Yep. Sold up and gone :/
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    Thanks guys that is very sad,


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    Wilf, an old friend from Longleat days, has sold up and retired.

    He is still in the area.

    Cheers, L

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    Wow that is a shame. When I popped and said good bye to Wilf before I left for the states at the end of December he was looking to retire in around 2 years. i will have to pop and say hello when I am back in August. Cracking Guy he knows more about Stalking than a lot of us will ever know, taught me a lot and I have a great deal of time for him. Loki I know where Wilf lives but do you have telephone number for him? Thanks Jason.

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    Its very sad my son purchased s S/H L/H annie from Wilf late last year and I used to but a lot of reloading gear from him. He had a huge stock of S/H bits and pieces and I would have loved to buy some. Any idea who purchased his old stock?


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    He still got loads of stock at his house.

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    Myself and PaulT were at his house a couple of months back, he has retained his RFD ticket and is still selling bits and pieces left over from selling off the stock from his shop. He has now closed the shop. Wilf confessed to being pretty old school and is not a lover of the computer age, I believe that the advent of computerisation which is apparently forthcoming to RFD's was enough for him to make up his mind with closing

    He sold a large part of his stock off to his customers and from a customers point of view I am glad to say that one of the larger gunshop's didn't manage to get in first and inevitably buy the lot!.... Though one RFD apparently made a derisory offer for the stock and was sent packing.

    Wilf is a real nice guy to deal with and a visit to his shop was a great way to spend some time. I am sure that all who know him wish him the best for the future.
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