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Thread: For those lampers amongst

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    bloody hell thats good but what if it should be on in the glove box of ya motor or small pack could set the thing on fire lol nice but ill stay with me led lenser hd .

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    There was one on the gadget show , you could light a fire with it ! not sure of the legalities of carrying one around would be ?

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    Advertised as 10-40mins, mine lasts about 5 mins on full power...
    More a toy than a useful item, but i admit it is pretty cool to use it to fry an egg

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    i had one of them

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    Only a 2000 hour life - but I guess you can brand what you're looking to shoot......

    I'm using one of these at the moment........

    Awesome in both visible and with the inbuilt IR filter......
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    Personally I prefer to cook my quarry AFTER I've shot it, not before!

    That said, the 10 minute run time really does make it somewhat less than useful.

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    Accidently switched mine on in my pocket, set fire to my coat!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    i had one of them

    Did similar to an old daihatsu with an ordinary lamp that I left on after getting rained off

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