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Thread: Thanks to Max, Max and Max

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    Thanks to Max, Max and Max

    Hi All
    Just a short write up to thank Max(David) for a cracking trip.

    It all started last year where after a few pm's back and forth about our pointers who are both called Max.

    I eventually invited David (Max) down to have a go for a few Roebucks in the rut, which has already been written about.

    He in turn kindly invited me back up to try for a CWD but me being a cheeky bast*rd and having already shot a nice representative CWD I asked if he would mind getting one for my long time stalking mate Andy.

    Any way David being the good sort that he is said no problem.

    So Last Sunday morning saw Andy and I driving to Norfolk after Andy's first CWD.

    We arrived to be greeted by David and his lovely wife with a full English brekkie After finishing our breakfast/brunch we set out.

    As we arrived at the estate we immediately spotted a CWD and Andy and I set off on our planned route only to finally bump two CWD's after they had lay down in some long grass

    David had been watching our progress (or lack of it) and also keeping an eye out on the surrounding fields.

    After witnessing our not so flash efforts rang me to return to him as he had spotted an easier stalk

    A few minutes later we were all scurrying up a track just out of site of a feeding CWD.

    Andy crept up the bank and took the shot at about 150 yds, end result a nice CWD buck for Andy.

    Handshakes all round and we heading back to Davids to be spoiled rotten again by his lovely wife.

    Many thanks David and to your better half and we hope to see you back down here again soon.


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    Glad to see you both had a great time with Max

    Congrats on your first CWD Andy.. The video makes a for a nice momento

    Hope we are able to catch up again in the year..



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    Nice going and thank you for posting the video .

    Congratulations to Andy and especially David for making it happen .

    The only CWD I have actually seen was one I nearly wiped out with a recovery truck and I cannot recall where in the country that happened now I do recall coming round a curve about 3am and seeign this CWD int he lights and had to brake and swerve to avoid hitting it.

    There are some on the marshes near the cost about a dozen miles from here, have seen a photo of one shot there, but I have never seen any myself as yet as I don't get up there very often.

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    I would also like to thank David (Max) and Debbie for their hospitality and making Wayne and I feel very much at home. We had the opportunity to stalk in some wonderful countryside which culminated in me getting my first CWD. Big thanks to Wayne for organising things with David. Cheers mate, and I'm sure you didn't really mind when David and I got a bit anal about reloading

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    wayne cwd

    Well done Max for giving Andy the chance of his first CWD,nice write up Wayne thanks & well done Andy you look over the moon .


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    wayne nice write up and vid
    congrats andy on your first cwd top man you deserve it
    glad you both enoyed your trip that doesnt surprise me
    though having met david and debbie lovely couple
    regards pete .

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    well done guys
    now all Andy needs is his munty to make his year
    a great end to a perfect weekend

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    Another one ticked off the list boys. Nice one.


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    Stone said
    well done guys
    now all Andy needs is his munty to make his year

    Stone your a wicked, wicked man

    To be fair he did guide quite a few guests onto Munties last year even if he wasn't too successful in his own right

    Max(David) said he could shoot a Munty if he saw one I told him there wont be much chance of that

    Sorry Andy couldn't resist


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