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Thread: Bank Holiday Monday project

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    Bank Holiday Monday project

    Nearly 2 years ago I built a frame (well designed and got amate to weld it) for a shooting tower. The original location fell through andthen I never really found the time to build it, until this weekend!!
    Got it all in the trailer and then took it to the chickenfarm.

    The hens passed it for quality approval!! Quick discussionand agreement with the farmer about locations and away we went.

    Steel frame and wooden floor along with some roof offcutsfrom work.

    Plywood to line it and roofing felt seemed quickest andcheapest route to waterproof it. Brother in law helped with this bit and that’swhy the felt is cock eyed!!!

    Fantastic panoramic views to 3 sides. Dry location ifweather not playing ball and elevation means much better chance of a shot whatwith all of the new fences around now. Should also help with the tricky foxesthat I am convinced spot me 1st. (especially once they get used tothe tower)

    So all I need now is electric, heater, TV and A FOX!!!
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    good work .I can nearly smell the mixture of coffee and gun powder

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    nice job, don't think the foxes will like it as much


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    may i suggest a funnel and pipe! for the inevitable oh and tell your brother in law all about those new fangled things that came out recently , i think they are called stanley knives, bloody good job on the watch tower

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    excellent work mate,ive had the ok from the farmer on a chicken farm that I shoot to build a small tower,looks like my idea might change to something like yours,lol.............DAZ

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    here an idea for some of you handy types ,why not make a portable tower one you can move about your perm on a tilting trailer kind of affair,pull up undo tower tip up and bobs your auntie,hhmmm

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    I have a portable freestander but its the roof I was after!! Vehicular access is limited and from my exoerience highseats etc rarely get moved once you put em out

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    just a thought ,for those elusive foxes,cheers doug,

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    Maybe paint the timber matt green and plant a russian vine at each post anchor point for rapid natural camouflage/softening of the structure?


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