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Thread: Problems shooting after dislocation?

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    Problems shooting after dislocation?

    Right, so I dislocated my right shoulder on Thursday (very very painful). First time its happened and I'm wondering whether its likely to affect my ability to shoot? Its in a sling for up to 4 weeks so I'm typing 1 handed, but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced problems with shooting afterwards?



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    hi i,m off at the minute after surgery on my right shoulder, i asked the phyio last week when i could shoot she told me i,m not allowed to lift anything heavier than 5lb for the next 4 months, not the same injury as yours but i,m sure you won,t be shooting for a while. has cabin fever set in yet

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    Euan, I have dislocated both shoulders several times over the years. It has never affected my ability to shoot, Infact I learnt I could shoot off my left shoulder when I did my right shoulder in the first time


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    i cant see it making any promblems for yourself at all i quite often dislocate my right shoulder due to the joint and musscles around it being shot, and i can sympathise with yourself on how painfull it is, nothing like what you see on die hard im sure you will now agree. but the up shot is as soon as you feel ready start shooting again, ive dislocated mine in the morning and been out shooting that evening but i wouldnt recomend that to yourself as i can pop mine back in again if it all goes wrong

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    Euan, partially dislocated twice (in 1973 and in 2001) my RH shoulder, I broke the top of the humerus (2001) and I have some arthritis. I continue to shoot, thanks to physio (shh, don'tell him, he is an animalist). he used to massage my shoulder with an orbital sander, with sandpaper replaced by a piece of sheepskin imbibed with some salve. Moreover, I did "passive exercises" as instructed by the physio: I knotted a cord to the wrist of the offended side, passed the cord on something higher than my extended arm (7ft in my case) and then pulled the cord with the other hand. At the beginning I was barely able to raise my hand at height of the shoulder, but after one week I was approaching the vertical position. My son used to incourage me shouting "Heil!". Another simple but useful exercise consists in walking in water (swimming pool or seaside) as deep as the shoulder, keeping the hands crossed behind the back and gently pulling the wrist of the offended side upwards and backwards. Never use force, be patient and none of the exercises will harm or hurt you. Best wishes.

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    I've dislocated my shooting shoulder a couple of times in the past, to the extent that at one point it was always in danger of popping out. The soft tissue that helps hold it in place, once it is dislocated loses some of it's retaining qualities and makes it more likely to happen again. It was footballer Bryan Robson's recurring injury. There is an operation you can get that'll tighten things up, but often it's, as has been said above, exercise that is the best preventative. Once things are healed nicely, start a regime of exercise designed to build up the surrounding muscle and tissue, the more you do this, the less likely it is to happen again and if you have some restricted movement, it'll help that too.

    As for shooting, the sort of recoil experienced by even large bore rifles and shotguns with big loads isn't going to knock it out again. But perhaps I'd ensure that your mounting technique is good.

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