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Thread: Energy suppliers monopoly?

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    Energy suppliers monopoly?

    SWMBO suggested I check if we can get our gas and electrickery cheaper as we (I!!) pay quite a lot for it....about £2500 a year combined.
    We're currently with NPower and checking against the other suppliers we came up with savings of

    Wait for it

    £0.16 a year.

    Now if I was spending £2500 a year with just about any other supplier of goods and went to one of there competitors I bet a pound to a pinch of shiite Id be getting at least a 5% discount.....I reckon the lot of them are in cahoots to rip us off.

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    Agreed, it is a racket of monumental proportions. . .
    My Mrs recently found an old gas bill in a coat pocket which was destined for the charity shop.
    It was dated eight years ago. . . Our gas bill is now almost double what it was as then.

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    I'm sure the doorstep rep would save you more if you switched supplier, at least that's what told me anyway..

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    Our LPG tank is 1 ton and acosts £800 a fill and it gets filled 4 times a year

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    It's probably cost you £0.16 to kick this thread off!!

    We're with Sainsbury's who claim to give us the best rate from the top 6 suppliers and pay £1680 pa for combined electricity & gas. They nabbed us in-store one day, and I was bored with the 3 kids getting under my feet, so let The Bride carry on with them while I listened to the spiel. Turns out that going onto Receive does help!!
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    We are with npower, elec and gas combined is £85 a month, Christ knows how as I'm sure my mrs thinks lights turn themselves off after she's left the room... Got our statement through a couple of days ago, based on they're 'estimate over the next twelve months' they have put our monthly bill up to £165, or so they think anyway before I phone them and tell them to go forth... How they came to this conclusion I don't know as they have not done a meter reading for god knows how long, something which I treated them too online this morning... Anyhow I'll come to my point, after trying to decipher all the gumf they put on the statement in an attempt to confuse you into not questioning anything I turn over to the last page to read that we are £401 in credit, yes IN CREDIT!!!!! How on earth can they justify trying to double our bill when we have not even used as much as we are currently paying, during the winter months as well when obviously more fuel is used!!! Absolute jokers, as are all energy suppliers...
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    What I want to know is, how come there is only one monopolies and mergers commission!
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    we have not had a meter reader near us in yrs they dont bother anymore they just gestimate everyones because they know most poeple pay up without questioning it any money that goes in there kitty is interest for them,so any money paid back to customers is a pittance compared to how much theyve robbed,ooooh,!

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    We have a log burning stove, our monthly bill is £50 for gas and electricity with EDF.

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