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Thread: Good day to you all - New Member

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    Good day to you all - New Member

    As Im encouraged to give an introduction on myself I will try to keep it short and brisk like...

    Currently not a regular deer stalker but have been twice before as a novice and intend to learn as much as I can then enjoy it properly. Hunted extensively with air rifles for years and fished all over the world with fly fishing being my most favourite. 50 year old Yorkshireman by birth and upbringing so had many years of pain supporting Leeds United. Work in London in telecoms and had a military career early doors which brainwashed me nice an early Always trying to learn and try to get many opinions & advise to then help me choose whatever I think suits me .... Optimist and always an up side!

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    Welcome to the nut house Adrian


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    Hi and welcome, being an optimist in shooting I find helps

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Martin - thank you
    Great web site / business and also thats some large sausage filling machine !

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    thank you and i think you're right ... being an optimist for life in general helps a lot !

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    Thank you John

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