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Thread: White Albino Hob Ferret

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    White Albino Hob Ferret

    Hi All

    I need to re home my ferret 'Jam'. Unfortunately due to moving house i am unable to take him with me due to the Mrs being petrified of him and also some stupid clause within our new house deeds that we can not have poultry/rabbits/caged animals in the garden. I need him to have a good home. Unfortunately he is not good with other ferrets (i had to split him and his brother up). He is ruffly 5 Years old and has been worked a handful of times.

    If anyone could help me out in finding him a new home i would be very grateful.



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    Home made hutch also included. Can house 2 ferrets seperately

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    shame is this cant have this cant have that clauses ect ect pity you so far away I would give him a good home hope someone near you can help you out or if anyone coming west could bring him down best of luck mate

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    I know im gutted but my hands are tied unfortunately. Just wanna make sure he goes to someone who's gonna look after him well. Shame you are so far away!

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    Make a court for him then no cage problem solved lol, probably isn't other ferrets he's bad with just that he was in with another hob probably at the wrong time of year mate bet he's be fine with hills through the winter.

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    still isnt an option as the mrs is petrified of him. Still struggling to find him a home guys, anyone out there?

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