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Thread: Nosler 165 gr .30 Ballistic tip Spitzer

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    Nosler 165 gr .30 Ballistic tip Spitzer

    I am experimenting with different bullets in my 300 win mag and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Nosler 165 gr BT Spitzer. They are advertised as hunting bullets and I was wondering if they are suitable for Deer? Any info would be much appreciated.

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    I was speaking to a chap at bisely a couple of weeks ago, and he used them in a 300 wsm,

    which has near identical ballistics, and he says they are his favoured bullet, and he culls a lot of deer.

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    I've used them in a .30-06. Whether they are suitable for .300WM velocities is another matter. (What does Nosler say?) I have shot a few hinds and roe with them. I shot one hind through the heart at 180 yards and the damage was limited to a 6" disc on the ribs around the bullet entry and exit wounds. On the other hand, I shot a running hind right in the saddle and destroyed its spine resulting in an articulated beast. (I forget why I had to shoot a running hind, but do recall it was a snap shot at the behest of the professional Stalker. Maybe it had been wounded. Either way, the damage wasn't due to the bullet being a Ballistic Tip but where I put it.) With roe, a high heart shot has dropped them with acceptable damage. Striking a foreleg results in massive damage. But then I've had that with .243 and 7mm bullets from Sierra and Hornady as well. So in summary, if you strike bone is doesn't really matter which bullet you use, you're going to get damage. Personally, I like the 165gr Ballistic Tip for soft skinned game. For African game with the .30-06, I use the Hornady 180gr Interbond.


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    I used them in a 30 06 and a 308 and found them really good, 300 wm velocities maybe like a varmint bullet

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    My fav .30 cal 165 Nosler BT load is 79gr RL22, CCI Mag primer in a Norma case (96 grain volume after firing) seated to 3.43 running at approx 3210 fps from a 24inch Rem 700 .300 WM action/barrel.

    Hope that helps!

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    Hi Mate i use a 30cal and use berger 210vld bullets if you have a big 30 cal and a 1 in 10twist have a go way the bigger bullets better b.c ,my load mind. This is not a win mag H1000 77grains and a velocity of over 3100 with a 30inch barrel the win mag should get about 200fps less SO PLEASE REMEMBER THESE LOADS ARE NOT WIN MAG .

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    Thank you very much for the answers guys, I normally use 180 gr rounds but with the lack of access to some of them I thought I might try have a go with some lighter bullets, this is the reason I want to try them. I was a bit dubious with the Nosler designation of Ballistic Tip Hunting and was interested if any of you have used them. I have the Nosler 7th edition manual and know which powders that I wish to try. Now that I know the bullets are reasonable I will buy them and have a go. Dorsettaff, thanks for your load details, interesting that in the book your load is on the max mark. I notice that they say they had best results with RL19, unfortunately I cant get a hold of any of them where I am. I do however have Ramshot Hunter and some IMR 4831 which are close to the RL19 burn rate, . Watch this space and once again, thanks.

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    I shoot a .30-06, not .300 WM, and I don't load any Nosler BTs for it. Friends do. According to Nosler, the 165-gr BT is designed around the .308 and the 180-gr for the .300 Win Mag, so it is a tougher bullet than the 165. No point in shooting a 165-gr BT from a .300 WM at .308 ranges, anyway. The .300 WM at 400 yards is like the .308 at 200 yards..

    I am seeing IMR-7828 in the shelves in the USA, probably because few people use it. But it is a really good powder in the 7mm Rem Mag and .30-06, and should deliver 3,050 fps in the .300 Win Mag without a near max load. Maybe you can find some 7828.

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    I've been a BIG advocate of Nosler BT's and Hornady SST's for a good long while .

    And I have used the Nosler 165 BT as well as the Hornady 165 SST in several 300 Win Mag's , a 300 Weatherby and several 300 SAUM's . My next big thing for these two bullets is a 300 H&H MAG as soon as I can get a decently priced used Ruger #1B in 300 H&H MAG .

    There are some who don't care for polymer tipped bullets , I do not happen to fall into that category .

    The Nosler BT and AB as well as the Hornady SST and IB have all worked well for me over the years provided I did my part .

    I happen to have a box of Swift 165 grain Scirocco's I wanna try when and if I ever get the 300 H&H and oh yeah they're polymer tipped as well .

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    Southern thanks for taking the time to reply to my OP even though I disagree with some of the content. I can assure you that if I was able to get a regular and plentiful supply of the kit you are talking about I would use them but this does not look like it is going to happen in the near future. I am there for having to re-experiment with different supplies and I will be trying kit from the European suppliers as this seems to be easier to get and if not, I could nip through the chunnel and get supplies from the likes of Terres & Eaux in France (10 minutes from the terminal) or Frankonia in Germany. Admittedly I do get my supplies on the way back from my home in Poland but I only go over during the hunting season and it is usually only once a year (disadvantages to this is that I need to travel home on the Ferry as the restrictions on the chunnel are a pain).

    6pt-sika, thanks for your pertinent and informative post, good luck with the Swift Scirocco's.
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