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Thread: beaters day deer collision

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    beaters day deer collision

    had a fantastic beaters day yesterday 4 drives walk one stand one. total bag 308 head 270 pheasant the rest pigeon partridge. on one drive two munties got up and ran head first into each other, one ran away the other broke its neck. never seen anything like it.

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    You must have some real good looking beaters to scare like that! 8)

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    S**t happens
    I saw roe hitting tree as well as red hitting fence. Dead deer in both cases..


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    So did the bag of 308 include the muntjac or not


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    I had a boar run head first into a tree in Germany in Jan '09, he bounced back off it about two feet. Mind you, this was about 2 seconds after I had shot him in the chest with a 270 at about 12 feet of range. Poor boy was a bit disorientated after that... 8)

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    Seen it a few times this year...

    Had a young Roe Buck crash into a pen on Sat which had to be shot as was in a bad way...


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    Watched a Roe Buck take out almost every electric fence wire across a massive outdoor pig rearing unit yesterday after being pushed out by the beaters. Pigs everywhere!
    Last year one of the beaters got run into by a large Munty back which became momentarily tangled in his 'plus-fours'! After picking himself up he realised he had a huge gash on his inner thigh which required a lot of stitches. They assume it was a canine injury which missed a major artery by about 1/4 inch! It's quite a scary thought, especially if you have youngsters beating as many shoots do.

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    i went on a shoot about 12 years ago which had a young land of about 10 or 11 whom they called deer stalker, i asked why and he had been knocked down by a roe whilst beating so it does happen

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    a fella i work with was out beating on a shoot before xmas when 2 monkeys ran threw and ruined the drive,they flushed a few hundred birds in one go! the keeper was none to pleased and said i will shoot them all iam totaly pissed off,next shoot one beater had to go and get sewn up has 1 run past and skewered his leg.i asked my mate to have a word to see if we could help him out with the deer problem,he said ask again next year theres no helping some people.

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