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Thread: unpaid Part time keeper/helper Angus Scotland

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    unpaid Part time keeper/helper Angus Scotland

    This is an unpaid position, our current part time keeper has had to stand down due to family related reasons,
    We are a small family shoot covering 450 acres of hill, we have 3-4 days a year around the 100 bird mark. (the usual shot ratio is around 6:1 we have some high drives!)

    The role will be to:

    • Help prepare the pheasant pens
    • help with rearing
    • help with feeding
    • running the beating line.

    In return for all your efforts there is:

    • 1 Days shooting
    • 1 walked up days shooting
    • at least one duck flight depending on season
    • Rabbit lamping and shooting
    • Fox control
    • all tips from the shoot days

    this is a family run shoot we do it for the enjoyment of it we are looking for some one like minded probably retired or with a bit of spare time who wants a hobby position to enjoy being out doors and helping run a great little shoot.

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    Good luck with this.

    Had I moved to Glenisla as once carefully considred I'd be up for it.

    I am of course forgetting "Angus" covers a wide area!


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    Shame it's not closer as this would have been perfect for easing me back into the job should I have made the grade.
    Good luck TMB

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    Surely between the guns and beaters this would be taken care of. It is not very lucrative to a stranger and if i were a paying member of the shoot i wouldn't trust an unknown with my investment ?

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    dont be so mistrusting you old bugger,

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Surely between the guns and beaters this would be taken care of. It is not very lucrative to a stranger and if i were a paying member of the shoot i wouldn't trust an unknown with my investment ?
    It could be Red Dot but I have seen a lot of small syndicates fall foul of trusting members to take their turn filling hoppers etc etc.Plenty there at the gate when there was free shooting involved but any work brought out a miriad of excuses( not saying this would be the case here but....)
    If the job is given under similar conditions to a paid position with interviews conducted,references(maybe) and so on I can see it being no greater risk than taking on a regular keeper IMO

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    the only person that pays for anything is me all guns are family and friends. its not a syndicate of any form. the shoot was run entirley by my brother and i, and we always struggled with carving out enough time to get all the work done we would find ourselves stumbling round in the dark filling pheasant feeders, then a few years ago we were approached by a guy who was wanting to help us in return for the rabbits and foxes, so we got a couple of references and gladly accepted the help, since then the shoot has gone from strength to strength our biggest day last year was 160 smashing our previous record of 120 we still put down the same amount of birds but all the little things were being done and coming together. we were incredibly lucky with the previous keeper and we may not find another but it never hurts to ask.
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    A perfect opportunity for someone well done for the offer ,folk would be falling over each other here in my part of the country for the prospect of a bit of shooting and vermin control.good luck
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    Where in Angus? Will pass this onto someone who has some spare time.

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    thanks for PM will pass it on but probably a bit too far for them would be over half hour each way so wouldn't be economically viable with the amount of travelling needed.

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