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Thread: First night out and it's 2 for 2.

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    First night out and it's 2 for 2.

    I know I've just jinxed it but we shall see. After a lot of ammo to find a one that suits i ended up with remmington acutip 50gr for my tikka t3 .223 . After sitting 100 yards from a berry for almost 3 hours just before dark I was gifted with the first cub of the year no sign of mother (I did wait ten minutes before the trigger finger couldn't wait any longer) and before anyone starts one is better than none . Then on the way back a small vixen decided to walk board side of me at 148 paces away (i had to check)and after a some what ropey kneeling stance in 6 inches of cow **** she fell down. ( I was in the middle of the field and had no sticks, fence post or gate to wrest on, or bipod it's on its way ). 2 shots 2 kills for the new rifle. I thank u.

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    Well done pal

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    Nice...its always good to break a new gun in.
    "Jenkins! Chap over there with the wings - five rounds, rapid"

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    Nice one tub that's two less for me

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    Where u from mate ? There will be even less after tonight's outing. With a bit of luck.

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    No luck tonight didn't c a think. I didn't even see the old rusted gate covered in nettles that I fell over and scratched my stock on either should have stayed at home . Na sh#t happens ill be out over the weekend .

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    That is just the confidence boost you need with new set up. Well done.

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