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Thread: Irish gold?

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    Irish gold?

    Does anyone know anything about payments to shooters in Ireland for fox control. I have heard the payments are made via local councils upon production of fox tails??

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    don't know about mr red but as a kid we used to get 3d a cat tail from farther F***wit at the catholic church in cork! as the cats were eating their way through the church residence but we just got dead cats from the vets bins and made fanta drink cash for doing nowt lol

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    Is that all you got from Father F***wit??

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    i heard talk about a bounty for foxes but don,t know that its in yet

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    Know nothing about the Irish system of payments for fox tails, but I am old enough to remember when we got it here (Scotland) produced your tails at local Police station for which you were paid ten shillings each, can't remember when it ended but it was some time in the sixty's .

    Ten shillings or fifty pence for those not old enough to remember does not seem much but was worth a bit in those days, my first job on leaving school (in that era) paid four pounds a week so an odd fox tail was a welcome addition.

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    I was talking to an Irish fella yesterday and he said it was 300 per tail.... can't be??

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    I think you were fed a tale, otherwise I'm becoming a professional fox shooter! There was a bounty paid in the 70's and 80's but there in no bounty from the state now. There are always rumours- latest is that a Canadian fur company is paying 40 euro. Alas there seems little substance to these stories. There is a small bounty paid on mink in some regions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I was talking to an Irish fella yesterday and he said it was €300 per tail.... can't be??
    Blxxdy hxll thats a lot if true, I'm on my way.

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    We could all post our fox tails to the Irish members and split the profits!

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    I remember my father in the 50's got 5/- per dog fox and 1/5/- per vixen. One day out shooting rabbits a fox came running round the corner, bang Christmas, oh ****. Toot toot da toot. He had just shot the fox in front of the hounds. Fox into bag and he ran all the way home and hid the fox in the back shed. Had he been caught house, job everything would have been lost. Toffs don't take kindly to their quarry being nicked.

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