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Thread: BBC Springwatch

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    BBC Springwatch

    I just seen the last two programmes and can the BBC be changing its ways? clip on tree climbing badger, Avocets nest being flooded out and good clip on a fox hunting. Last night a clip on a carrion crow taking a small baby rabbit and attempting to peck it to death,stated that they show everything and nothing is censored lets hope it continues.

    Any way they also found a nest of newborne rabbits in a pile of straw. They gave the impression that rabbits were born in the warren now i was of the mind that rabbits were invarriable born outside a warren in a stop or similar secluded spot. Am i correct?


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    And they’ve even dusted off and wheeled out Bill Oddie but not, sadly, she of locks curly. Sure do miss the ‘tension’ they generated when jointly presenting.


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    Packham is still a t**t.

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    Rabbits that are born above ground normally have a good chance of avoiding mixi or at least they do in Cheshire

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    Now, now, don't be to harsh on Kwis Packham. He did say, on the first evening that "everyone enjoys seeing tits in high definition." He only speaks the truth, so ease up on the lad.

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    Isn`t Minsmere the reserve where the RSPB have recently tendered for the red deer to be culled ??? It would be interesting to see if this subject is raised in the next week or so..... In their new era of not censoring anything....

    Don`t always like the hosts, but some of the footage they get is truly excellent.


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    Machaela Strachan still hot ?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tulloch View Post
    Machaela Strachan still hot ?????
    As a corncrake's wet arse.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    As a corncrake's wet arse.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Johno100 View Post
    Packham is still a t**t.
    Packham is the only decent guy the have, plus he is pretty funny and irreverent.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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