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Thread: Waterproof Trousers

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    Waterproof Trousers

    Can anyone recommend a decent pair of waterproof trousers, im fed up of buying stuff that's not up to the job, I was out just under 2 hours yesterday and was soaked through, ok it was hammering down but it seems that the word waterproof these days means for about 10 mins rather than all day, Waterproof and comfortable - that's it, don't mind buying a matching jacket/suit if that's the way it comes, as long as it does the job.

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    Country Covers Falkland trousers, Musto overtrousers or any of the Harkila range with goretex.


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    The only things I've had that were waterproof were Dpm goretex ex army and ridge line roar trousers

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    Another big plus for Country Covers falkland trousers.

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    A pair of these bad boys will keep you dry. As with all military kit, the yanks have it better. Unlike the British issued ''gore tex'' this stuff is actually gore tex. It has double thick layers on the knees and inner seems. I've had a full suit of this stuff for coming on 4 years and love it. Traded it in Afghan with some of them guys for a set of our gore tex. Little did they know.


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    [QUOTE=Mulac;795363]Country Covers Falkland trousers.

    Just had a look at these and they look good, Ripstop as well which is handy as my stuff does take a battering.

    JamesR - Nice move..! I've always used the British Goretex stuff but its just not up to it, I'll have a look at all those mentioned and see how we go.

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