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Thread: Another for the lampers.

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    Another for the lampers.

    As we have now regrettably lost hints and tips I thought maybe here is the appropriate place for this.
    Generally I am out lamping alone and have always found it to be a bit of a pain holding a lamp and taking a shot. I recently purchased a Lazer and whilst this is an excellent piece of kit for the shot you still have to locate your quarry. Not wishing to carry a lamp as well I have come up with this. Lendsor PC with the scope mount they provided, one of their green filters mounted on top of my Zeiss Conquest HDs. Could not believe how well it works, the p7 was absolute rubbish as a lamp on my rifles (glare)but it has come into its own for this and there is no glare. The clamp fits a treat on my binos but do not Know if it would do for all.
    Someone has probably done this allready but I just thought it may be worth sharing.


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    That's a great idea! Where did you get the torch, mount and filter from, please?



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