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    Durham Variation

    Any ideas?
    Applied for a 308 variation 5 1/2 weeks ago, long enough to do my DSC1 in the intervening time, and still waiting. I've tried ringing and just get recorded message saying "due to staff shortages we can only answer the phone between 11 and 2" (now I would imagine lunch is 12 - 1, so not alot of time for phone answering!) anyway being a resonable fellow rang back then and get the same message! I've asked for a call back but as yet nothing. Are there any other lost souls out there waiting for Durham to do what most of the rest of the country does in days? Might even ask about a job if I ever get to speak to anyone

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    Go and see them or speak to your FAO about your hassles and ask him to get an update for you.

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    Was going to ring them myself as i've been waiting going on 4 weeks for a 1 for 1 variation too.Might just give it a few more weeks now

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    Emailed BASC Sunday, they rang me back Monday said he had to ring Durham with some other issue. Certificate with variation on me doormat Tuesday morning!! Hows that for service, a big thank you to the chap at BASC. Shopping time now as the bloody rifle I had me eye on has gone now!

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    Good for you Al
    you gonna use it with Jon.

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    Certainly will be Norm, I'm up there next week and looking forward to it. Did you get sorted yourself?

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    Still waiting for issue. Hopefully in less than 2 weeks, then I will follow your route. Need to get my level 2 this year then hopefully get some private stalking. Syndicate or otherwise. Keep in touch. I am sure you will have a great time with Jon. Let me know how you get on.

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