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Thread: Swarovski service

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    Swarovski service

    Posted my 20 year old 8x30-SLC binoculars back to their home land 3 weeks ago. The enclosed letter requested they quote me for the necessary work. Repairing the broken strap attachment loops replace split/missing lens covers and anything else noticed. They have just turned up on the door step and are unrecognisable, new outer casing, new strap loops, new eye cups and new lens caps. The enclosed note lists these part No's and says the calibration has been checked, it also says remittance to be sent to Swarovski uk not sender. The bill 000.00. I seem to have as good as new bins, with nicer eye pieces, after 20 years use. Do you think I can get my postage refunded as well ?
    Absolutely magic, well done and thank you Swarovski optic.
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    thats why ive got two swarovski scopes and binos off them, you cant beat them for customer service

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    Nice one, makes a change in this day and age!
    Cheers Ted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 223 View Post
    thats why ive got two swarovski scopes and binos off them, you cant beat them for customer service
    +1 and the reason I've changed back to Swarovski scopes and Binos after trying S & B and Leica.

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    Always a brilliant service from Swarovski.

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    same experience as well, the rubber was coming slightly loose on my eyecups. i expected to receive new rubber bits, swarovski sent 2 new entire eyecup sections.

    great service.

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    +1 have to say I was disappointed from the service I received from Leica compared to Swarovski.
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    Just called them just now to say my objective covers on my SLC 8x30s had lost their elasticity and were coming off with the slightest touch. No problem, new ones getting posted today. I've also had ocular eye pieces sent after I dropped them from the top of my rucksack. Again, no questions asked, arrived the next day. My OH has had problems with the crystal side of the company after a complaint.
    I can't complain though.

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    I recently had my 6x42 serviced by Swarovski. I was expecting some work to be done under the guarantee as turret wheels were not operating correctly. No chance!!

    Clean and service 69.72
    Ocular lens 8.67
    Objective lens kit 38.98
    VAT 24.29
    Total bill 145.76 plus cost of post to Austria.

    Labour cost was 1.25 hours at 55.72

    Scope came back looking as though nothing done to it except rubber eye piece replaced.
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    Sent my 8x30 SLCs back after I dropped them from a high seat and they fell apart at the hinges, three weeks later asked if I wanted the lens replaced as they were scratched, I agreed and expected to pay a large bill for cleaning them with crap from the car, total bill including new lens, postage, and vat was 58.30, I've since bought 10x40 EL Swarovisions, and a Z6i3x15x50BTs because of their exceptional service on a pair of 20 year old binns. deerwarden

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