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Thread: Simple BBQ venison

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    Simple BBQ venison

    Can't get much easier and I can say it was delicious when we had it on Sunday! I asked the chef (Jose) who did the talk at the BDS day for a simple way to introduce people to venison and he came up with this!

    I used 2 Muntjac saddles, but any good venison trimmed of all the sinew will be good I'm sure.

    2 sprigs fresh rosemary stripped (Or you can use Thyme but needs to be fresh)
    Olive oil (enough to form a rub/marinade)
    1 clove garlic
    Good pinch of coarse salt

    Whiz all the above in a processor to form a rub/marinade and slather it all over the saddles
    Place in the fridge in a sealed bag or covered dish for 2-3 hours

    On a hot BBQ flash the saddles to seal in the juice on all sides, then wrap in tin foil and place indirectly on the bbq covered for about 20mins
    Allow to rest then serve as you wish.

    We had homemade coleslaw and potato salad on the allotment for our lunch, yum!!!

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    Sounds good pal. Made me hungry just reading it lol

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    Perfect Stratts. Let the venison speak for itself aye. I do it very similar but usually with plenty of fresh ground pepper and don't add salt until its cooking as it tends to draw out water from the meat.

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    Sounds nice and very similar to what I do, but I also add a whole onion to the marinade and leave it overnight...

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    Sounds good I'll try this.Atb

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    Definitely going to have to try this. Sounds lovely

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    Nice grub mty hope you had a few glasses of something . looking forward to my Mc dee's NOT !! lol. we have got the builders in so no kitchin .
    ps try , covered in mustard then brown sugar BBQ slow hmmmmm

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