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Thread: busy week ahead

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    busy week ahead

    next week i'm set to take my dsc level1, then straight up to scotland for the last of the red hinds and i'm still to get myself a gun.
    can anyone recommend some .243 ammo preferebly tried and tested.
    i will be gettin a tika t3 soon and could do with some practice befor the big outing.
    icheers all

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    Gelert, slow yourself down a little , no-one will be able to set you straight onto the best factory fodder for your yet still to be purchased rifle!, You will need to be fairly unlucky to find some thing that will not shoot fairly reasonably well, but no guarantees in this game, get a handfull of each of whats knocking about with your mates if you can. Steve.

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    Hes not wrong

    Diferent ammo suits diferent rifles and diferent weights aswell..

    I personally like the Sako 123g SP for my rifle as it doesnt seem to like the heavier loads or Federal or a couple of others.

    Youll have a lot of fun sorting through what suits your set up best..

    Enjoy yourself and have a great time in Scotland


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    I have a T3 varmint and it loves Remington 100gr CLUB ( core loc ultra bonded ) and it loves Rem 95gr accutip.
    Have tried a few others but it seems to like these, also use one for deer and the other for fox. no need to adjust scope, they shoot about .25 inch difference between the 2 rounds.

    Just my findings with my T3


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    For what it's worth, my T3 in .243 loves Norma 100grain SP. Pleased to say it's also happy with 100grain Prvi Partizan cheapos as well.
    But don;t be afraid to experiment (on the range) to find what suits yours best - good luck!

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    onley used winchester 80g in my t3super tactical. and its the dogs under 1in at 250yards of the biypod .its in 243call but you will recwire 100g for reds hope you have a good day. out bud all the best rob

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