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Thread: Rifle Combo Valuation

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    Rifle Combo Valuation

    I have an elderly relative who no longer stalks due to ill health. He is wanting to sell his rifle and is insistant on going to his local gunshop as they will purchase it off him - my concern, is due to his severe dementia and the fact I am not able to accompany him (he lives in the NW) I want him to get what the rifle is truelly worth and not get the p*** taken out of him.

    The problem is, I don't actually know what it is worth so I am putting it to the good people here on SD to give me a ROUGH idea on the price I should tell him to be expecting (I will write it down for him.....just hope he remembers the note)

    Browning A bolt Medallion .243
    Swarovski Habicht 6x42 nova
    Wildcat Predator sound mod
    Leather Sling
    2 x metal 4 shot mags.

    (Sorry, no photos but I will try get some if really needed)

    The walnut stock has an odd 'battle scar' and scratch from multiple hill stalking trips in Scotland but the metal work is all great condition. The shot count is under 500 but wouldn't know exactly without trolling through all of his shooting diaries and counting the deer. The Wildcat is newly fitted and has had less than 50 rounds through it.

    ***I would like to add the individual in question has assessed by both a medical professional and his issuing Firearms Constabulary and they are both happy with his current medical condition to hold firearms - I shouldn't need to have added this but as always, have people judged without knowing the full details.
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    I have a similar set up as a .270 , I am in no way an expert but I have put a hell of a lot of research into the costs of things over the last year and as most people rip you off when it comes to selling their pride and joy for many years no matter what condition it is in I had to becareful on what I was trusting to buy rifle wise.

    Depending on the actual age of the browning I would expect you would get £300 for the rifle if it is in good order.
    probably the same for the scope maybe a little less.

    the Moderator about £100 and if I was selling it would throw in the rest .

    My newer package with mod and helia scope s scope all for less than £800 from RFD, so it kind of gives you an idea and my rifle had 75 shots through it in its lifetime (apparently)

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    My guesstimate is that they will offer him only about £300-£350 for the lot at best. In a private sale he should be able to almost double that depending on condition.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    If he sold it for £350 for the lot I would take it as I have a spare slot for a .243 and I am thinking of keeping the wooden stock theme in my collection lol

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    Thank you for the help Gents!

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    give me a shout if he does end up selling it cheap, I would atleast use it and not try sell it on for profit.

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    I think that set up is "worth" about £650 to £750 for an end user but only achievable via a private sale. I suppose a dealer will want minimum £250 profit at the very least so as other suggested, expect c.£400 at best? Good luck. Sounds like a nice classic looking set up.

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    It seems to me that often trying flogging the whole set up, one gets a worse deal.
    A first-rate 6x42 scope as described should fetch a good couple of hundred on its own - it might arguably be easier to shift than the rifle.
    You've not mentioned the mounts - often also quite expensive.
    The spare mag? certainly for SAKO these are far from cheap.

    I might therefore think about stripping it down to the rifle with one mag, and/or taking it to a dealer who'll sell it on commission.

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