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Thread: UKIP - reasons for voting for them

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    UKIP - reasons for voting for them

    There has been discussion in the media about why UKIP was so successful. It seems as though the current government are spinning the line that the electorate do not like the EU. For those of you whom voted UKIP was it because the current government had disenchanted you or was it because the EU disenchanted you?

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    both !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Both, Plus Nigel seems normal! He smokes and drinks and calls a spade a spade.

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    I didn't vote for Ukip. I'm right back in the minority where I belong, locally, at a European level and in the French elections too. Woohoo.

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    Do you not find that refreshing though. Someone who is not afraid to speak plainly and openly rather than Millipedes inane drivel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by easypeasy View Post
    Do you not find that refreshing though. Someone who is not afraid to speak plainly and openly rather than Millipedes inane drivel.
    I did not vote for ukip but yes I find it refreshing that farage says what he thinks (even if it might not be something with which I agree). It would make the business of deciding who to vote for much easier if all the parties would be as open and honest.
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    I'm not quite sure what UKIP stands for apart from limiting migration and leaving the EU. Whilst I do believe the EU - and here I mean the bureaucrats - need to be reigned in, I am not convinced that leaving the Union is the way forward. Certainly the EU has expanded eastward at a pace which appears rash, bringing with it a host of totally unnecessary problems such as economic migration. The latter is what offends a lot of people and was not ever a problem when the Union was confined to Western Europe. EU-economic migration could only be solved by leaving the EU altogether.
    Did I vote UKIP? No
    Would I vote UKIP? I think Nigel Farrage has hit a nerve and I do find him sympathetic - as I find any bloke with a pint of ale giving interviews to the press. The party outside NF I know only embarrassing details about. Time will tell.

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    When it takes £15m+ and ten years to get rid of an active terrorist & invasive beaurocracy limiting and binding our own national justice system then yes, I think Farage has a strong point. Most of us I believe would like our country back and with better border control than we currently have.
    Mainstream politicians 'think' (not sure they have the brain to) the UKIP vote was a protest vote. Well, perhaps it was - but not in the way they think. It was more of a 'Stop what you're doing and wake up' vote.

    If Cameron thinks he can 'negotiate' with the numptys in Brussels we pay a fortune to each year just so they can give the cash away in grants (mostly non-refundable) so that 3rd world countrys can set up brand new factories and take western European jobs away.....he's living on another planet. The sooner we can get an In/Out referendum and exit the EU the better.

    If I had to put money on an 'out' vote I reckon I'd win. Just my opinion. ATB
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    I voted UKIP and i will again my vote was not a protest vote either this country needs a good shake up.

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