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Thread: A Morning with Ray Mears

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    A Morning with Ray Mears

    Today was a bit different for myself and Jacob at Forrest estate , we had Ray Mears and his film crew for the morning
    he,s in the area filming for itv , this morning looking at Red deer . We never got very close in on any , 100m was as close
    as we managed but did get quite a bit on film out on the hill
    Not too easy when your being followed by 6 people but still a very enjoyable morning
    To be shown on tv in September Attachment 42651

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    You should have walked him up the hill to see a few wee billys Colin
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Excellent, nice one Colin! You didn't make him crawl then? That Swazi smock looks far too clean!

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    Did he try to nick your sandwiches ?

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    Thats cool, at least it was not Bear Grylls.

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    If Ray Mears wants to see some Red deer he can always visit the Isle of Wight again, here's one that he missed last time that he was over here!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Wild Red deer Hind 30.4.14(3).jpg 
Views:	93 
Size:	330.8 KB 
ID:	42652

    atb Tim

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    i bet you ended up wittling a bit of wood and chewing some plant or other,nice one colin,atb doug,

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    A mate of mine meet him when on exercise in Norway , said he was a nice bloke but was not so keen on physical exertion

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    Thats pretty cool
    5 years ago, I got tagged against a pic of Ray Mears on Facebook. That was my incentive to lose 3 stone

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    Up and coming TV star now as well Col Did you book him in the B&B at Right Said Fred's

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