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Thread: chinese water deer

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    chinese water deer

    hi all
    i know this is short notice but
    i am booked in on stalking CWD on sunday 17th feb there may be a place available will not find out till saturday afternoon
    this is to take place by woburn abbey, i am not the stalker just a paying client everything is highseat and shooting does ,but bucks are available on request
    you will be accompanied to avoid errors ,this is 2 outings depending on results of morning outing if any one is interested feel free to pm me for more details
    many regards stone

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    if anyone actually interested there is a place going and it would be only myself ,the stalker and yourself
    you would be sat in a highseat with stalker , while i was sat in another highseat ,
    please feel free to pm me before 8 pm tonight as that would give time to sort any details out
    many regards stone

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    if you look in the shooting times my son managed two golds and also got at leased another 3 for diferent stalkering friends one each. None of the ones shot were resident bucks in the area but bucks traveling during the rut leaving our stock on the ground still we never shot any this year but have got a friend from scotland coming down for one hopefully .H ave even been offered a days samon fishing on the tweed for one now thats a result

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    They are a great looking animal, I see them quite alot when I'm driving around Bedfordshire. Too many of them squashed on the road though! I've still to get one, I was hoping to get all six deer species this year. I've stalked and shot Reds, Muntjac and Roe and I've stalked Fallow and Sika; I've just got to shoot those two species now. I think that the CWD are going to be expensive though.

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    hope you and whoever went with you had a cracking day,speak to you soon stone.

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    Hi Andy,
    I reckon that Stone has just got out of that reinforced highseat, waddled to the car with his prize CWD with a big smile on his face! Or he has frozen his Spider Eating monkey off, got nothing and is somewhat miserable! He'll be on about 22.30 hrs I reckon to tell us either way. Blimey another late night then!:

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    lets hope he as had a good day then,or else me and steyr243 are in for it next week.i wonder if the spider eating monkey will go with us .come on stone put me and mr b out of are misery.

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    hi all
    just to up date you
    the lucky person who came with me is morena and to say we both had a fantastic day is an understatement, as i met a fantastic member of this site for the first time with so many great experiences to share which made my life quite normal and to top it of i shot 2 does and 1 immature buck on the morning outing and never pulled the trigger for the evening outing but as for morena he shot his first ever CWD and had it witnessed for his level 2 so i would say he was over the moon
    i paid 100 for 2 outings
    25 per doe
    then bought 2 carcasses back aswell
    as i see morena is logged on i can safely say he is home safe so thats also a bonus as it saves me a phone call just to make sure but i will say on both outings i could of shot deer just new my limits and was not greedy but when you hav 14 water deer feeding in front of you it was hard not to pull the trigger
    many regards stone
    ps may be planning a trip at end of march

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