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Thread: A new look for my cz452 17hmr

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    A new look for my cz452 17hmr

    After scratching my head on what or how to replace the stock on my CZ452 for the last 2 years, I finally come up with the best solution..
    its taken a couple of months sourcing the right bits & building the package,
    but I love it, & thought I would share it with you ..


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    Hi, That is a cracking looking piece of kit mate, what is the difference in weight? i have the cz455 16" .17hmr thumbhole and think its a cracking rifle but feels sometimes like a big club compared to normal American stock which i have on the .22 cz452.

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    It is heavier .... But it's great 'off hand' and off the bipod, you don't notice ...
    to be honest, I don't like wood stocks, & I love a thumbhole or pistol grip..
    the stock choices out there are pants ! Or way to expensive...
    I was looking at a plastic / Kevlar stock made by a well known company near the M6... But there was no way I was going to spend that .... A 2nd hand AI stock was cheaper !!

    then I struck the idea of building my own... & using the skins off a Airsoft stock ...
    so I did... The internal chassis is made of Box Alloy, and for balance I fitted 60grams of weights in the butt..
    it was a bit tricky getting the pillars on the screws & the in-letting correct ..
    Then a good coat of paint in hornady Z max colour !!

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    There are probably hundreds of others out there thinking along the lines that you have brought together to have an end product and that aint no club, enjoy and will look forward to seeing how it trials in use.

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    I just had a block of laminate inletted to do something similar but with a wood feel.
    I wanted a ambi-thumbhole with adjustable butt and cheek

    ripping off the AICS shape too!

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    Looks awesome! What sort of costs in time and resources did this cost you please if you don't mind?

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    The old air soft stock was about 55, the alloy was about 15 ... Paint & lacquer ... + some epoxy, washers & bolts ... ??

    As for time.... Well, the chassis on this one was mk2/3 ...... There was a lot of guess work on the 1st one, I am not an engineer or have any previous machining skills, it was all done w the a 4" angle grinder & a drill ..
    I learnt a lot doing this one ...
    so, let's just say that I can probably knock one out now in 4 hrs + spraying

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    Sounds good, but I think a bit out of my DIY skills! Out of interest, does it 'feel' like an AI stock?

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    that looks fantastic, did you document the process?

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    It feels exactly like an AI stock ( I have one on my .308 & on my .223 ) ..

    i didn't really document , no ... I just took about 3 pics during the chassis build ... Shame really..oh well !

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