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Thread: Barrel Length

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    Barrel Length

    Hi All,

    I'm going to get my .270 cut for a moderator and wondered what the optimum barrel length would be.

    At the moment it's 24" with 4 groves and a 1:10 twist. I plan to use factory 130 and 150 grain ammo. Should I take it as short as possible to keep the handling once the moderator is fitted or is it best to keep the barrel as close to original length as possible, what are the pros and cons?

    As usual any information is greatly appreciated,


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    Please OH please do not butcher the barrel or performance of this rifle by shortening the barrel. My Heym .308 has the original barrel length of 23" and is factory screw cut, on which I use an ASE Jet Z mod and it shoots and handles like a dream and is not cumbersome in any way.
    My .270 Heym SR20 is not screw cut has open sights and again shoots and performs like a dream and I would never shorten either of these rifles.
    I don't like any barrel (on a full bore stalking rifle) any less than 22" as a minimum. I know many would not agree but that is my feeling on this subject.
    Hope that helps.
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    A .270 Win cut to 20 inches will give you about 2,780 FPS with 130-gr loads, and about 2,750 with 150-gr.
    So I would not cut it.

    I have a 20-inch Steyr Model M Stutzen, two .270s with 22-inch barrels, and one with a normal 24-inch barrel, so I can see the difference in MV for the same load in each.

    You don't say what make and model of rifle, but as many people in the UK shoot with moderators, you can surely find some with the same rig and get some real world experience of what to expect.
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    Cut her back to 20 - 21". It will help the handling no end, and have very little practical downside on performance.

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    Leave it at 24"!! Long action rifles rely on slow burning powders. Some of the slower ones may not burn completely before the bullet exits the barrel if you go too short! This can lead to muzzle flash and inconsistancies.

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    Thanks all,

    As always the voice of knowledge from SD, going on the above I'll get it threaded but not cut back then I suppose if I felt it necessary I could always get it cut back and re-threaded in the future.

    Many thanks,


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    My 270 is cut down to 20 inches from 24. The balance is spot on with a T8 on it. None of deer I have shot have complained about lack of oomph!


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    Leave it as long as possible then buy the lightest moderator you can find to make up for it being a bit further out. You need a barrel on a .270 to make the most of it not a rifled stub!

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    Some calibres seem to tolerate short barrels better than others. The 308 tolerates a chop really well, probably due to the faster burn rate of the powder. I have had my 308 chopped to 20 inches but would not chop my 7mm RM from its 26in length that it currently has. I would certainly not chop a 243 as I rightly or wrongly would be worried about dropping below the legal energy limits.

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