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Thread: A decent sika from a while ago..

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    A decent sika from a while ago..

    Hello all, I'm new here and not sure if I'm in the right place. I have been taking stags like this for a bit now. This guy is for sure not my biggest, but it is a decent pic anyway.

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    That is a fantastic head Kushiro.

    There must be a nice story to go with that picture?



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    Hi Kushiro

    Your certainly in the right place to make some great friends and enhance your stalking knowledge

    Post up a bit about yourself in the introductions section

    thats certainly a beauty..

    Where abouts roughly did you take it?



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    Not taken from around here I reckon...

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    It looks like a Gold medal to me !


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    I might be wrong but it looks like a Manchurian Sika and it looks like New Zealand

    Nice trophy though. and as Stag1933 has already mentioned certainly looks in the gold medal class.


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    Foliage around the area looks to be a form of bamboo. 8)

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    very nice beast 8)

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