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Thread: Hello from the Norfolk/Suffolk border

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    Hello from the Norfolk/Suffolk border

    Lowestoft to be more precise, just wanted to say hi, new to being active on this forum, but not new to viewing this forum, have read loads of the interesting posts that are put on here, but I have only ever done hunting for small game with an air rifle, now I would like to get something that requires a a bit more finesse to take. plus use a rifle with a bit more power.

    I have been looking at hunting videos and books for a few months now, and im getting to know all about stalking and gralloching, but there are just some things that have to be put into practice to understand the process properly, plus the people in the videos very rarely answer the questions I need answers to. so the best thing for me to do was join a site where there would be a wealth of information I could draw on from people who really do put hunting into practice

    so here I am. I have a load of questions regarding processes and even how to go about forfilling my ambitions, so I will find the right place to post and hope that there are people that may be willing to help out answering my many questions. look forward to chatting with some of you

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    Hi and welcome, there is no such thing as a silly question so ask away, everybody has to start somewhere

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thank you guys. great to be part of this forum

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    Welcome to the SD mate.
    I was raised in the Lowestoft and went to high school there(Kirkley High) only to leave with my family when I was 16 as the ship building industry began to wain

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    Hey mate, thanks for the welcome, know what you mean, all the industry seems to have gone now, more fish get caught by a load of us out on the kayaks than get caught by boat anymore, it really is gone, is a shock when we see a trawler in the harbour now, only ship repairs seem to be done here now, certainly don't have the building part of the industry here anymore. even the place where they built Richard bransons boat doesn't really do anything these days, the yard is only good for glassing the foxes and munties that have taken over lodgings there, never had the giddy highs of going to kirkley . im a deans high boy

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    Deans High! The enemy LOL
    We all got detention for meeting Deans lads for a punch up at Normanton Park LOL Those were the days

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    they were good old days mate, im only 31 but even in my time the teachers would find out about these meets you speak of and they would belt you round the side of the head and call you a pratt for getting involved (not that I ever did ofcourse, I was too busy learning how to play emmmm emm emm Chess, yeah that's the one chess ), teachers cant do that these days, plus you cant hide away in that park anymore, they probably carved that up not long after you got out of here, good old days indeed

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